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Packaging Features

At Done Wright Packaging we realize how critical it is for a package to connect with the customer. We offer unlimited possibilities in flexible packaging solutions. We will help you create the perfect package that best represents you and your product.

We have the resources that are state-of-the-art to provide you with high quality, on time solutions that are competitively priced. Some of these options are listed below. We look forward to helping you decide which features make you stand out.

  • Roll Stock: We offer surface printed monolayer films as well as laminated and multiple layer films. If you are looking for a high OTR or a total barrier to preserve freshness we can help with all specific applications. We have printed (up to 10 colors) and plain films for all applications including both horizontal and vertical.
  • Pouches: Pouches come with many different options. They can lay flat, stand up or be a specific shape. Many have re-closable features or a pour spout and can include handles, vents or can even be put on wickets for easy loading applications. We offer many different options available from fresh applications to high barrier pouches.
  • Inno Lok®: This is a transverse mounted re-closable feature attached to roll stock which allows you to produce on existing VFF machines. With the thumb tab or the pull tab feature, it is a value added feature for your customers that can be used on many products. We also have the 360 degree zipper option available.